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To guide the transformation of individuals, families and communities on the planet.



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To provide accelerated transformational life coaching to enable clients to have the life they want and deserve by taking control of their emotions and behaviour unlocking their true potential.



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" I am a 28 year Entreprenuer my core business is construction and fencing, during 2016 I had huge amounts of stress, anxiety and frustration. I consulted with Zara, telephonically from Cape Town. This coaching session changed my life forever, Zara coached me through the power of my mind and how I can use affirmations, visualisation, positive thinking and the use of language to get the life I want. Zara used her Emotional Therapy Techniques to remove limiting beliefs, that I won’t be successful , stress and anxiety. The financial investment in my own development was the best money I spent as the financial growth in my business has paid off handsomely as my business expands every month . I would recommend the services of Mindshift to anyone who wants to transform their lives"
Robin Davids

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