Bio Zara

Like with most kids, I was asked…What do you want to be when you grow up? And without hesitation, would say, a Social Worker. I always had the deep desire to help people.

I subsequently went on to obtain an Honours Degree in Psychology and pursued a career in family Therapy, which was a very rewarding career. However, the progress with my clients was great but gradual. I then embarked on a search for a psychotherapy technique that would accelerate my client’s growth and healing. I practiced Impact Therapy (the use of props, toys and movements) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (clients would be made aware of their thoughts which lead to their emotions which determined there behaviour), which worked well but required months of counselling sessions.

In my continuous search for knowledge I found Transformational Life Coaching System, truth be told it found me, which changed my life and the lives of my existing clients. For many years, I suffered with anxiety, fear and anger issues, I always felt that there was more to life and that I was missing out on something amazing. Through the Transformational Coaching I no longer have bursts of anger and anxiety is an emotion I no longer have. Dropping the fear, I had for everything and anything released me from a burden I was carrying for many years. I now live a life of endless possibilities, dreams, appreciation and joy. The tools, strategies and techniques applied in the Transformational Coaching are long lasting, effective and quick. Your healing is accelerated, results are instantaneous   and the mind shift you make during the coaching sessions will change the way you deal with your own emotions, manage your behaviour and obtain the desired results you want for your life.

If you have this feeling that there must be more, fed up with your current life and willing to do whatever it takes to change, then The Transformational Life Coaching system is for you.

Get in touch and allow me to help you change your life.

Love and Light